Body toning

Over the years, people have taken the word ‘tone’ and redefined it to mean how lean we are–how defined our muscles appear. In fact, it’s even a gender specific word. Women go to the gym to ‘tone up’ while men go to the gym to lift weights and build muscle but, the truth is, they are the exact same things. Becoming lean and building muscle requires lifting weights, the difference is in how much you lift.

The myth of toning is often tangled up in the myth of spot training. Someone might say, “I want to tone my bottom and legs, so I’m going to do Squats.” Fine…you can (and should) work your legs and bottom but that isn’t going to get rid of the fat around your bottom and legs, which is what keeps you from seeing that muscle. If you reduce your calories, lift weights and do some cardio, you can lose body fat. Can you lose it over your legs and bottom? Sure you can…but ultimately its important to understand that your body will decide when (or if) the fat over that particular area will go.

So… How can I help you with body toning?

After establishing a nutrition programme that best suits you I will design a challenging yet achievable program to keep your body guessing as this is what gets results. Your sessions will consist of a mixture of weights, kettle bells, swiss balls, cardiovascular exercises to help bring about results in the fastest most effective way possible. I will also work on flexibility post workout with you as this is imperative to lean muscle definition and tone.